What to expect

What to expect

The following is a brief synopsis of the important points

Some trips will include hire bikes simply because it is easier than taking your own bikes mainly due to logistical reasons
I look to work with established companies that provide a good standard of bike and in the past few years these have distilled down to a 29er with wide handlebars, front suspension, wide tyres, disc brakes and a wide gear range.
I would suggest that for comfort you consider taking your own pedals, saddle and maybe bar ends.

If you are taking your own bike, please ensure that it is in a good state of repair and that you are familiar with riding it and can repair it, if things go wrong
I have given a number of talks on flying bikes and am happy to discuss this with you

There is no doubt that things are changing. One minute you can be in glorious sunshine, the next in a torrential downpour. I would advise that you pack clothing for all conditions especially rain as after all cycling is an outdoor past time