About Neil

About Neil

I started cycling out of necessity. Living on a farm 7 miles from the nearest town meant that I had to get mobile. I have happy memories of chasing the school bus to school and my first taste of touring was tours of Devon and Cornwall with school friends.

At 18, a friend and I took a train to Europe and spent 5 weeks cycling Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain. Armed with a ridge tent and £240 we did more miles than was healthy for us and had a grand time. 2 years later we did it again, cycling Italy, Greece, Yogoslavia and Hungary. Seeing Eastern Europe before the iron curtain fell was quite an experience and my feet have stayed itchy ever since.

Off to university for 6 years and came out with 2 degrees, veterinary and human nutrition, though still found time for cycle touring, exploring most of Western Europe.

In 1997, Sarah (my wife) and I spent 11 months cycling to Australia on a tandem. We rode up the eastern seaboard of the USA from Georgia to Maine, then flew to the Rockies and cycled up these, after which we descended the western coast. 3 weeks in Fiji to relax, followed by 3 months in New Zealand

My involvement in cycling has gradually increased. In 1998 I took on overseeing all the Tandem Clubs major touring events which can attract over 400 participants including over 100 children. In 2001 and 2003 I went on two CTC tours to India and now lead a number every year.In my spare time I oversee the UK cyclists hospitality directory which allows cyclists to give hospitality to others whilst touring.

I have now led nearly 80 tours for the CTC, and have recently taken on the role within the holiday company of co-ordinating the worldwide tours and chairing the leaders group.

If you'd like to see where I've been, click on the tabs above and I hope you enjoy the pictures

In all the tours I do, I enjoy cycletouring for the scenery and the cuisine rather than to get the miles in.

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