Herefordshire 2010

What did we do

2010 took us to Pembridge, just about close enough to a cider centre which supplied the demijohn of refreshment for the first nights welcome drink Sunday took us for an early teastop at Shobdan airfield where the children watched the planes and helicopters from leather chairs and the adults supped tea and munched chocolate cake. If that didn't satisfy the children then the cherry tree at Dilwyn helped out as fathers shoulders pushed little fingers higher. The lanes were quiet as we entered a deserted Leominster. I asked a passing lady if there was an open tea shop and she promptly invited us all to the local church for tea, if we could find the milk and biscuits. Monday took us west and into the Welsh mountains of Powys. One teastop to aim at for the morning and the participants of the welsh Cycling festival in Hay beat us to it. No matte,r as we climbed the lanes with lovely views around. Finlay's legs had pulled him this far and with a few others he took the short cut back to Kington. The rest of us climbed a few more hills before picnicing at Huntington, where the pub opened for half an hour to serve cold drinks.

Into Kington and back to the site where the traditional take away of Chinese was quaffed by the lake I'd arrange a visit to Islabikes on Tuesday, a bit far for some and so we all met at Yarpole where the church has been converted to include a shop and cafe. Into Ludlow persued by Lucy on a one speed BMX bike and onto the cyclepath to Bromfield. A lovely buffet lunch at the Ludlow Food Centre and onto Islabikes where James aquired a bigger bike. We then split in two, half returned the way we came, the ret of us tackled the long hill over Mortimer forest and then down into Elton and back to the site. We evening finished with the now annual beating of the Scots (and Northerners) at Softball, hopefully Malcolm will be back swinging next year.

Toy Story 3 in Hereford amused most of us on Wednesday before heading for the hill again on Thursday where the byway over Westhope Common awaited us. Congratulations to Paul who hauled the trailer to the top, whilst those of us with small girls on trailerbikes/kiddibacks picked flowers at walking pace. Into Hampton Court castle and the popular maze before returning to Leominster, now full of people. Janice organised some childrens games in the evening. The death race where the children cycled in circles was particularily amusing.

Friday had come too fast and it was a laid back day as we took on the local Black and white Villages at a leisurely pace. Kingsland, Dilwyn, Weobley and Eardisland came and went and the week finished with a BBQ and Dave's lyrical song of 'I am a cider drinker - it soothes all my sorrows away. Back to Northumberland next year, can't wait.

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