Nova Scotia 2006

What did we do

We went to Nova Scotia in September 2006

The tour was unsupported and we cycled for 2 weeks around Cape Breton Island having flown into Halifax.

There are many marked on roads trails around the whole of Nova Scotia, and during our time we explored the majority of these in Cape Breton.

The first week was spent to the south, exploring Isle Madame, Sydney and Louisbourg. The cycling was fairly benign, gentle inclines and good weather. Highlights included Isle Madam, and the rebuilt Louisbourg Fortress where 1/3 of the site has been reconstructed from rubble.

The second week was spent going around the Cabot trail. It can be done reasonably comfortably in 3 days, and has been cycled as a day/night ride. However we took longer and enjoyed the lovely views and the wildlife. The cycling was a little more demanding than the first week with 3 bigger climbs. As well as cycling we swam, took boat trips and went sea kayaking.

It was a lovely 2 weeks, the scenery wasn't the most spectacular, but the roads were good, traffic reasonably light and the welcome excellent.

Cape Breton is a reasonably regular holiday on the CTC tours program, if you are interested please contact the relavent leader.

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